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“With any training, I look for the presenters to have credibility. With the Team-i session, this was clearly evident and the illustration of the key points through rugby and the insight they gave, really made you think in a different way.”

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“Our cohort of managers both enjoyed and got a lot out of their day with Tim and Kai.  The rugby analogies, whether you know anything about the sport or not, so clearly set out visible examples of team work and leadership.

They’re what stick with you when you go back in to the workplace, a reminder and trigger to apply your learning.  Tim’s wealth of management experience meant he could tackle individual questions on how to apply principles.

Tim and Kai were very personable, and quickly built up a trust with the room, that meant managers really shared their experiences and got a discussion going.  A great day, that more importantly will transfer learning back to the workplace.”

Jonathon Nagle
Sales Director, CN Magazines

Elaine Jordon
HR Director, CN Media Group

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