Swindon Wildcats/Team-i team development and leadership workshops launched


The first in a programme of four workshops was well received by 20 business people in Swindon.

Team-i’s Tim Thurston and Swindon Wildcats’s head coach, Aaron Nell delivered an interactive workshop, which shared the key elements of high performing teams and how the Wildcats achieved their success by putting the Team first.

The reaction from the cohort of local business people was very positive:

Philip Tweed,  WD40’s Development Director said:

“Tim and Aaron from Team-i have a highly-developed Team Building model that draws from extensive research, coupled with their first rate business and sporting experience.  Their program of workshops will help any business, or organisation, transform the way it thinks of  Teamwork and improve their fundamental approach to the challenge of Building Great Teams”.

Ian Quartermaine of William Hinton said:

“I came away from the workshop with Team-i feeling motivated and inspired.  Often management workshops can feel a little bit tired, but introducing Aaron Nell from the Wildcats in Swindon  really complemented Tim Thurston’s workshop style.  The interaction between the group was vibrant and I really enjoyed the afternoon.”

The second session in the series takes place on Tuesday 12 November.

The workshop will build on the first session and will focus on:

  • Embedding the essential key elements of a successful team into your team
  • How to recruit the right people into the right roles
  • How to develop your culture
  • How to engage your team and fully utilise their attributes

For more information contact tim@team-i.co.uk

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