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Tim Thurston Team-i Trainer and Ollie Atkins Exeter Chief and Team-i trainer present training session at Cotswold Farm Park with Adam Henson and his team

With its clear measures and transparent outcomes, sport has often been used as a metaphor for business…Let’s win the game…a well used example.

Team-i have researched several elite sports teams, to get behind the cliches and to really understand how success was achieved. Right from how they defined they purpose, build their strategies and ensured they had everyone aligned to them; through to how they build their teams and onto how they implemented their plans.

From this research Team-i have created a series of models that can be applied to any business, which help to improve Leadership and Teamwork. 

Since 2017 Team-i have been delivering bespoken programmes, running workshops and webinars with business with tremendous success.

Our Clients

The nine key elements of a high performing team

Our Nine Key Elements of a High Performing Team, gives an understanding of how to develop your team into an elite team. Using sporting examples that make the key points easy to understand. Our sessions and workshops help you create a plan to integrate these key elements into your Team.

​Workshops and training sessions cover the following topics:

  • The nine key elements of  successful teams.
  • Ensuring roles, engagement and culture are right.
  • Leadership styles and successful strategies.
  • Empowering your workforce.
  • Effective motivation techniques.
  • Flexible decision-making.
  • Strategies for ongoing success.

Kai Horstmann, former Exeter Chief rugby player and Team-i co-founder said: “I have been fortunate enough to play in some successful teams whose culture and planning strategies have led to success on the field, none more so than my proudest moment when I played in the Exeter Chiefs’ Aviva Premiership winning side at Twickenham in May 2017.

“A successful on-field team in rugby can only be achieved through proper planning and teamwork. There is no doubt these skills and strategies can be transferred to business and I look forward to helping firms build a bright future based on the experience I have.”

Listen to Kai explaining our philosophy and how rugby is the ultimate team game:

Listen to Kai on how clear leadership is essential to the success of an elite team:​

As well as using rugby for references of exceptional teamwork and leadership, Team-i are also working with British World Champion and Olympic silver medallist, Modern Pentathlete Samantha Murray. Sam gives unique insight into teamwork and planning strategies from her career  and demonstrates how these principles can be integrated into your business.